The Morning Show with Paddy Mac

Have you tuned in to the morning show with Paddy Mac lately? It's kind of amazing just how much he is able to pack into a few hours, and still have plenty of time for some great music! Along with our weekday features (listed below), the morning show features interviews relevant to your community, including regulars like TCA movie reviews with Mary, herbal talk with Rob of Taos Herb, and even the mayor and the police chief. So tune in and stay connected! 6:00-10:30am.

Here's some of our regular features:
Community Obituaries 7:30am 
Hometown News 7:35am 
Sports Page 7:45am 
News & Weather 8am
Birthday Club 8:15am
Rock & Roll History 8:15am
News & Weather 9am
Josseph the Star*Watcher 10am
Lost & Hound 10:05am
Trash & Treasures 10:10-10:20am